Meet the Board of Directors

Alpha Phi Foundation is governed by the Board of Directors, a group of hardworking, knowledgeable volunteers who guide us as we strive to fulfill the mission of Alpha Phi Foundation to the fullest.

Mary Beth Cooleen Tully

(Epsilon Psi-Lehigh), Chair

Together with donors and Alpha Phis across the globe, we will ensure Alpha Phi’s vibrant future, deepen our impact, and boldly embrace our call to lead with heart for the next 150 years. At no other time in our history has Alpha Phi Foundation’s purpose and mission been as clear, or as vital. Leading with Heart will strengthen our beloved Fraternity, ensure its legacy, and inspire our sisterhood to live lives with purpose and passion, hand in hand, and heart to heart.

Rebecca Andrew Zanatta

(Beta Rho-Washington State), Vice Chair

I am inspired to give back to Alpha Phi as it has been one of the most pivotal experiences in my adult life. The Leading With Heart campaign provides hope and stability for the future of our beloved Alpha Phi Fraternity. It is important to me because I want to continue supporting our women through leadership experiences and scholarships, and for our community to benefit from our Heart to Heart Grants. 

Claire Costin

(Omega-Texas), Treasurer

I am inspired to give back to Alpha Phi to support and empower our collegiate women as they find and learn to use their voice. Alpha Phi has given so much to me, and I can’t imagine my life without volunteering. During this next term, I hope to continue the Foundation’s tradition of strong financial management and to support our efforts to build endowments for leadership, scholarship, and heart health initiatives. 

Coree Smith

(Epsilon Theta-Northern Iowa), Secretary

I always welcome a challenge and am excited about the opportunity to help Alpha Phi innovate and become a model for Greek organizations in this climate. Leading With Heart is necessary to secure Alpha Phi’s future, as well as to serve as a positive example of women who are strong leaders, working together for the common good, showing compassion and with a view toward global impact. 

Gretchen Wilson Alarcon

(Kappa-Stanford), Director

I continue to be inspired by Alpha Phi’s commitment to women’s education and leadership. We are changing the courses of people’s lives through the scholarships we give and the skills our women develop. Alpha Phi has been a leader for almost 150 years. Endowing our programs will ensure we continue to support women for many years to come! 

Janelle Del Carlo

(Beta Delta-UCLA), Director

Alpha Phi has shaped the woman I have become. I am a better leader and friend because of Alpha Phi. The relationships I made in college have (really) lasted a lifetime– providing counsel, support and friendship. Spending my career in non-profit, I believe in the power of a single action to create a movement. I am humbled and proud to take action to ensure that future generations of Alpha Phis will benefit from our sisterhood. 

Jenny Concepción Hansen

(Beta Pi-USC), Director

Being a member of Alpha Phi has made a huge impact on my life. I learned leadership skills that have influenced my life and career, and I want to pay that forward. We help provide our sisters with an incredible membership experience, one that adds value. We also have the opportunity to continue adding value to their lives beyond their collegiate years. Leading With Heart is important because I see the impact it makes in the lives of our membersthose who will be future leaders and create true change in the world. 

Susan McNeice

(Epsilon Nu-Delaware), Director

My Alpha Phi experience inspires me to contribute to the development of strong, self-assured collegiate women who pursue leadership opportunities throughout their lives. Having an endowment will allow the Foundation to continue to support the mission of Alpha Phi for decades to come, knowing we can weather any economic environment. I especially want to see us support collegiate leadership education and expand scholarship opportunities for women in all phases of their lives! 

Shana Goss Smith

(Chi-Montana), Director

I give back because of the women who came before me and because of their leadership and vision that allowed me to have my own Alpha Phi experience. Leading with Heart is going to take Alpha Phi into the future and preserve our legacy for our children’s children. Through the Foundation and Fraternity we will help define, grow, and guide women’s leadership, heart health, and scholarship for generations to come. 

Jackee M. Schools

(Eta Lambda-George Mason), Ex Officio & Alpha Phi Fraternity International President

I am committed to Alpha Phi Foundation because I have seen first-hand the amazing results. Through scholarships, sisters receive the gift of continuing education. Through collegiate development and leadership programs, I’ve witnessed young Alpha Phi’s blossom into the leaders of tomorrow. Through Forget Me Not Grants, sisters and families are granted the means to deal with some of life’s most difficult and trying situations. Through Heart to Heart Grants, we make a daily difference in the lives of women across the United States and Canada. These philanthropic initiatives are important in the lives of every Alpha Phi.

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