Alpha Phi Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to securing and stewarding private gifts that further the Foundation’s mission. Each year, thousands of generous benefactors make gifts to show their support for Alpha Phi.

Alpha Phi Foundation staff and volunteer leaders work together to determine the organization’s fundraising priorities. These projects may include, but are not limited to, student scholarships, program enhancements and infrastructure support.

2018-2020 Board of Directors

  • Mary Beth Cooleen Tully (Epsilon Psi-Lehigh), Chair
  • Colleen Sirhal (Theta-Michigan), Vice Chair
  • Claire Costin¬†(Omega-Texas), Treasurer
  • Coree Christine Smith (Epsilon Theta-Northern Iowa), Secretary
  • Gretchen Wilson Alarcon (Kappa-Stanford)
  • Jenny Concepcion Hansen (Beta Pi-USC)
  • Susan McNeice (Epsilon Nu-Delaware)
  • Susan Zabriskie (Theta-Michigan)
  • Rebecca Andrew Zanatta (Beta Rho-Washington State)
  • Renee Smith Zimmerman Zainer¬†(Beta Epsilon-Arizona), Ex-Officio, Alpha Phi Fraternity International President

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities for conducting the business of the organization. The committee leads the Board in regularly evaluating, reviewing and updating the Board director’s roles and areas of responsibilities. The committee also plans and conducts the annual assessment of the Executive Director (ED) and report the results of the assessment to the Board and ED.

Finance and Audit Advisory Group

The Finance and Audit Advisory Group coordinates the Board’s financial oversight responsibilities by recommending policy to the Board, interpreting it with the staff, and monitoring its implementation. Additionally, it assists the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary and oversight responsibilities in the areas of financial reporting, internal controls and the independent audit process. Management is responsible for the preparation of the Foundation’s financial statements and independent auditors are responsible for auditing and expressing an opinion on the financial statements.

Investment Advisory Group

The Investment Advisory Group assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its fiduciary and oversight responsibilities related to foundation investments, including those investments held in charitable remainder trusts administered by Alpha Phi Foundation. The advisory group also supervises the overall implementation of the Foundation’s investment policy by its outside advisor, monitors and evaluates the performance of the Foundation’s investments and funds, reports regularly on Foundation investment matters to the Board and recommends changes in policy, guidelines and objectives as appropriate.

Nominations Commission

The Nominations Commission assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities for identifying and developing the future volunteer leaders of Alpha Phi Foundation.