Meet the Foundation Staff

Meet the people behind the programs, scholarships, grants, and fundraising initiatives that continue to pursue the mission of Alpha Phi Foundation.

Amy Peebles

(Beta-Northwestern), Executive Director

I give to the Foundation because it is an organization that supports leadership development for the next generation of women leaders. I am inspired and humbled by the leadership opportunities offered by the Fraternity and supported by the Foundation to ensure that Alpha Phi women continue to make their mark on the world.

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Crista Vasina

Crista Cate Vasina

(Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado), Senior Director of Development

Alpha Phi has helped shape me into the woman I am today. Since joining in 1983 and attending my first leadership training in 1985, Alpha Phis have been my mentors, role models and some of my dearest friends. I give back to Alpha Phi because I believe in the impact we have on our members and the role we can play in making each member her best self.

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Linda Schnetzer

(Beta Omicron-Bowling Green), Major Gifts Officer

In Alpha Phi, I have found true role models and my best friends. Since the beginning, our membership has been comprised of truly inspirational leaders—women ahead of their time whose bold ideas have impacted thousands of women and given them the space and support they need to fulfill their potential. Today, single-sex organizations are under attack, and it is important that we work together to ensure the future of our Fraternity.

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Gabriela Martinez

(Theta Delta-Creighton), Manager of Annual Giving

Alpha Phi has meant never having to be alone. Throughout the years, I’ve had a powerful network of women that have supported and empowered me to be the best version of myself. Supporting Alpha Phi and Alpha Phi Foundation ensures opportunities for women to continue to grow their leadership potential and support women’s heart health, so all women can continue to live happy and healthy lives. I am grateful for all of the opportunities Alpha Phi has provided me and I am excited to pay it forward.

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Claire Gallo

(Gamma Phi-Florida State), Donor Relations Manager

I support Alpha Phi because this organization believed in my potential for leadership and service to others long before I knew it myself. In Alpha Phi, I found impactful mentorship, lifelong friendship, and a call to pay it forward. Through advising and my Donor Relations opportunity with the Foundation, I am still inspired by Alpha Phi’s will to empower and uplift women’s lives through the power of philanthropy.

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Sarah Rayman

Sarah Rayman

(Epsilon Alpha-Ashland), Database Specialist

Joining Alpha Phi has empowered me to take on leadership roles, challenge myself in all areas of life, and has promoted major personal growth within. I give to Alpha Phi Foundation to allow the work and values that have been instilled in me to transcend to future generations. I would not be where I am without Alpha Phi, and I want other women to feel the same impact that I have.

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Alex Goodman

Program Manager

While creating awareness for women’s cardiac health, Alpha Phi Foundation fosters growth, sisterhood, and support among an incredible network of women. I am passionate about being part of this organization whose mission is to serve and empower women in order to further advance their lives in so many different ways. The Foundation is an amazing means to bettering the future of women everywhere, and I am proud to be a part of it.

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Lizzie Hineman

Lizzie Hineman

(Gamma-DePauw), Marketing & Communications Manager

The friendships and connections I’ve made through Alpha Phi are countless; the impact my sisters have made on me is immeasurable. With them by my side, I have become a stronger leader, better friend, and more confident woman. I give back to Alpha Phi because it is important to me that we support and empower one other to live our best lives and watch each other grow. In Alpha Phi, I found that support and I hope the same for collegiate women today.

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Maia Gadsden

(Zeta Pi-Case Western Reserve), Communications Coordinator

Alpha Phi and Alpha Phi Foundation provided me the platform to learn, grow and lead as a collegian. My experience in Alpha Phi and relationship with the Foundation completely changed my life’s path and I’m proud to work for and support an organization that helps women find their voice and shape their futures.

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