Celebrate 146 Years of Alpha Phi

Founders Day of Giving is an exciting and interactive 10-day campaign that includes ten days of fun social engagement and sisterly love ending with a 27-hour giving event to support Alpha Phi Foundation’s annual fund. Starting October 1, tune in each day to show your Alpha Phi pride and celebrate 146 years of Alpha Phi!

The 2018 Day of Giving will begin at 12:00 AM EST on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, and will end 12:00 AM PST on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

Join us for Founders Day

Join, share, and invite your friends to the Founders Day of Giving Facebook event! We will be sharing quizzes, impact stories, live videos, and more! It’s not a celebration without you!

Are you most like Founder Clara Bradley Burdette, Jane Higham or Martha Foote Crow? Take the personality quiz and share with your friends which Founder you're most like!

Share your results and remember to use #aphifoundersday!

When we join Alpha Phi, we know we'll find best friends, future bridesmaids, and lots of fun, but more often than not we find the women who lift us up to achieve more than we thought possible. And when we find that mentor, the meaningfulness of that relationship can span decades. Today we encourage you to share, post or tweet about a sister who has been your honest advisor, trusted guide and biggest cheerleader.

Shoutout to a sister and be sure to use the hashtag #aphifoundersday today!

Why do you choose to give back?

Are you passionate about providing leadership development and scholarships to our members? Perhaps you are most interested in preserving our rich heritage and advancing heart health research and educational initiatives. No matter your why, Alpha Phi Foundation is grateful for every donor—including you!

Share your why on social media and include #aphifoundersday!

Join us in the #ThrowbackThursday phenomenon as we invite you to share a photo of your Alpha Phi then and your Alpha Phi now.

Your Alpha Phi experience is more than just four years. It stays and grows with you, year after year.

Share your then & now photos, and remember to use #aphifoundersday!

What is that one APhi moment you'll never forget?

Being an Alpha Phi is an experience that lasts beyond the bounds of four years. It's a lifetime filled with countless unforgettable moments with sisters. And because of them, you carry these moments close to your heart, never to be forgotten. Whether these moments are happy, sad, lasting, or fleeting—we invite you to share your most memorable Alpha Phi moments with us on Friday, October 5.

Share your favorite Alpha Phi memory and use the hashtag #aphifoundersday!

Academic excellence is a hallmark of Alpha Phi. This year, through the generosity of our donors, Alpha Phi Foundation awarded a historic $277,000+ in scholarships received by 22 graduate and 46 undergraduate members.

We are proud to recognize the remarkable accomplishment of Alpha Phi women by awarding merit-based and need-based scholarships to help them fulfill their potential because every Alpha Phi deserves the opportunity to pursue their intellectual curiosities without burden.

Join us in celebrating the great impact of Foundation programs and in congratulating our recent scholarship recipients today!

The Founders of Alpha Phi were women “whose brave hearts were filled with a noble purpose and whose eyes saw clearly into the future.” They envisioned a far-reaching sisterhood from Alpha Phi’s inception. Their innovative leadership and organizational practices set the spirit for the Alpha Phi of the present—a sisterhood that values the past, embraces the present, and looks forward to the future.

In 2013, Alpha Phi Foundation published the first volume of a 3-part history book series: Alpha Phi International Fraternity: The First Fifty Years (1872-1922), Union Hand in Hand. Volume II is to be published Winter 2018!

Take a picture of your history book and share it on social media using the hashtag #aphifoundersday!


Let's get our hearts pumping today! Alpha Phis care about improving women's heart health, and has supported education and research since our dedication to the cause in 1946. Today we invite you to get physical, eat healthy, meditate, laugh, and exercise a positive attitude!

Grab a sister or two and get moving! Share a photo of your heart-healthy activity on social media using the hashtag #aphifoundersday!

One more day to go!

On this day we want to recognize the passion and dedication we see from Alpha Phis on a daily basis. With your help, we make our mission of advancing women's lives a reality as we continue to build and support our five vital programs.

We encourage you to invite your network of sisters to our Facebook event so they can join in on the excitement of Founders' Day of Giving!

Join us on Wednesday, October 10 as we embark on our first ever Founders' Day of Giving! This 27-hour giving event will be filled with Alpha Phis sharing their why and celebrating 146 years of sisterhood!

Join our Facebook event to tune into the fun and help us reach our goal of 1,872 donors!