Alpha Phi Foundation is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing the history of our organization—a history rich in leadership, both within our fraternity and in the community as a whole.

Alpha Phi’s 3-Part History Book Series

Alpha Phi International Fraternity will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2022. We are celebrating the sesquicentennial by funding the writing and publication of a 3-part history book series, each recounting 50-year’s worth of Alpha Phi stories, ritual, and milestones.

Volume I: Union Hand in Hand

Union Hand in Hand, 2016

The first fifty years (1872-1922) was a proud one highlighted by members’ stunning achievements, a growing sisterhood, an extensive network of support, and the steady growth of the organization.

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Volume II: Alpha Phi Toujours

Alpha Phi Toujours, 2018

The second fifty years (1923-1972) explores the forces and faces that affected Alpha Phi International Fraternity in a time of worldwide turmoil, but the Fraternity faced the future with confidence as they kept in mind an old song, “Alpha Phi Toujours.”

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Volume III…Stay tuned!

More information to come!

The third and final volume will recount Alpha Phi stories and milestones from 1973-2022. Its publication will celebrate the Fraternity’s sesquicentennial.

Reflections of Alpha Phi Video Series

We created Reflections of Alpha Phi to bring Alpha Phi’s heritage to life. Through personal stories, alumnae are able to share their Alpha Phi experiences including their memories, advice and lessons learned.

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Share your history!

We invite you to share your own captured Alpha Phi memories! Whether you initiated in 1943, 1989 or 2016, we are all a part of Alpha Phi’s rich history. If you have any questions about sharing photos, scans, videos or Alpha Phi mementos, please email

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